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Why Build With Skyla Homes

10 Good Reasons to Build With Skyla Homes

1. You Get The Best Building Team For Your Project

Great builders know by having a team of highly skilled tradespeople you can build great homes.

Skyla homes has worked with and buillt a great reputation as a leading high quailty builder and attracted and kept the best trades in Gippsland who are passionate about their job and work together as a team to build brilliant homes.

There is no secret amongst trades in Traralgon that Skyla Homes is an awesome builder to work for.  It’s a clever way to do business that ultimately rewards our happy customers and our reputation.

2. Trust


You only need to see what some of our previous customers have to say to understand that Skyla Homes is a trust worthy builder.

We dont need to go into detail here as trust is something that is earned, but trades dont keep coming back just for the money and customers dont come back or promote us just for the quality work.

3. Fixed Price or Variable Contract


We are pretty flexible but we give you options that work for you.  Its your home and we are working for you so we need to cater for your needs and budget.

4. Homes Built To Last And Low Maintenance


Preventing issues in the building process begins right from the start – before the slab goes down.

Get something wrong here and your asking for trouble.  But it continues all the way through the build.

Preventing problems starts by not taking short cuts and by using experienced happy trades.

5. A Passionate Team


Thats right – Happy workers are Great workers.

We have people that specialise in all aspects of business, we know they love their job because they do it so well.  You only need to come and view our work and you will agree.

6. We Are A Referral Based Business


We believe that the past clients are our best form of advertising. By constantly building excellent quality homes we not only have many repeat customers –  but friends and family of past customers want us to build their homes.

A happy customer pays off big time.

7. Awesome Inside And Out


By working with you before, during and after the build process and encouraging your input we achieve the look and feel you are after.

Your friends, family, neighbours even people driving past will think you have great taste.

8. Quality Control That Makes Sense

This just works.  We are selective as to the number of homes we build each year to ensure the work we have is enough to keep our team productive without running out of work.

This ensures that every home gets the attention and supervison required and also ensures that each client recieves personalised service throughout the whole construction process.

9. Inclusions To Suit You


Whether your looking for your first home or your dream home, Skyla Homes will work with you to build your ideal home to suit your needs.

If your looking fo the ultimate luxury inclusions Skyla Homes will make the whole process easy by allowing you to choose the inclusions that best suits your needs, budget and tastes.

10. Service


Building a Home is a memorable experience and long after your home has been built, how you were treated is something you will remember.

From the first meeting to the day you move in -and beyond – we are dedicated to not only building you a once in a lifetime home but to ensure that we provide the best customer service as well.


There’s Probably Hundreds of Reasons To Build With Skyla Homes